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Proclamation – In Missolonghi, 18 December 1823 by physician Johann Jacob Meyer.

Two pages, 24.8 x 19 cm. – Missolonghi Printing House

Announcement regarding the publication of Greek Annals newspaper. It is the first document printed in the Missolonghi Printing House and also comprises a lengthy excerpt from a text by British lawyer and philosopher Jeremy Bentham about the freedom of the Press, as a declaration of principles, and a brief letter asking the recipient to make this announcement public with any means in order to gather subscriptions.

London Greek Committee Papers, K6.O



Proclamation – In Missolonghi, 18 December 1823 by physician Johann Jacob Meyer.

Two pages, 24.8 x 19 εκ. – Missolonghi Printing House

Another copy of the announcement regarding the publication of Greek Annals newspaper, received by John Bowring, active member of the London Greek Committee. The hand-written text is a letter by Leicester Stanhope dated 5 January 1824, informing Bowring about the arrival of Lord Byron in Missolonghi, among other things.

London Greek Committee Papers, K6.P



Proclamation – In Missolonghi, 18 December 1823 by physician Johann Jacob Meyer 

Two pages, 21.5 x 15.3 cm. – Missolonghi Printing House

A reprint of the proclamation regarding the publication of Greek Annals newspaper without the letter urging the recipient to help publicise it. This one was and printed with the equipment that arrived at Missolonghi in January 1824. The reprint of the proclamation as well as some of the first issues of the newspaper which were out of print took place in July 1824, for new subscribers.

London Greek Committee Papers, K7.J1



For the Greeks – From the newspaper Independent Chronicle & Boston Patriot, 20 December 1823. 

Single page, 26.2 x 21.7 cm. – Hydra Printing House

Translation of philhellenic article in the American newspaper Independent Chronicle & Boston Patriot. It was printed as a supplement to the first issue of the newspaper titled The Friend of the Law. The clumsily designed printers’ type was engraved and cast in Hydra.

London Greek Committee Papers, K10.U



Harbinger of the “Greek Annals”. Missolonghi, 24 December 1823.

Two pages, 19.3 x 16.6 cm. – Missolonghi Printing House

Printed in the shape and size of the planned newspaper titled Greek Annals, this document includes a “Proclamation” by Thomas Maitland, the British Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, which is a slander against the revolting Greeks, accompanied by a detailed answer by the Greeks, titled “Official Notice”.

London Greek Committee Papers, K6.Q



After the destruction of the printing house in Corinth due to the invasion by Dramalis in 1822, very few publications circulated in 1823. These were printed in makeshift printeries with cast printing types made by self-taught craftsmen. In late 1823, new equipment arrived in Greece with the help of philhellenic organizations in Britain and France. Thanks to these larger and better European printing presses, leaflets, pamphlets, books and mostly newspapers were printed the following year in Missolonghi, Hydra and Athens, each published by a printing house: the Ελληνικά Χρονικά [Greek Annals] in Missolonghi, the Φίλος του Νόμου [Friend of the Law] in Hydra and the Εφημερίς Αθηνών [Newspaper of Athens] in Athens.