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Interpretation of signals – Printed in Hydra by K. Tompras.

Quarto, 32 x 21 cm, 26 p.

A textbook for the use of the communication code between warships during the Revolution. It was printed in 1825 or 1826 and only two copies survive.

Manuscripts Collection, Codex Atheniensis 1284



Donation letter by Georgios Sachinis to the National Library of Greece. 

Athens, 15 August 1849

28.7 x 20.1 cm.

Georgios Sachinis donates the logbook of his vessel Miltiadis along with a description of “the events during the campaigns and naval battles of the Greek Fleet” during the Greek Revolution in order “to enrich the Public Library”. With the logbook, he also thought the book of signals used by the Greek Navy during that time would be “worth keeping”.  

Historical Service Archive of the National Library of Greece, Manuscript and Facsimile Department, Correspondence (1841-1890)